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In Distraction 2004

October 19, 2004

Open Letter to John Kerry: Whom Amongst Us Are You Kidding?

Dear John Kerry,

We at ReverseVoteSwap.org request that you stop giving progressives the run-around and instead come forward with the truth. Since your 2004 campaign for President began in 1999, you have gained the support of progressives by promising one thing: a campaign that could help unseat George Bush. (Note: We are aware of your other campaign promises, such as tax cuts for corporations and a "tougher" policy towards Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Hunt's Ketchup, but these are not promises that many progressives pay attention to.)

However, your story, John, does not fit the facts.

If beating Bush is important to you, why then are you campaigning so heavily in "swing" states? If you were serious about beating Bush, you would stick to spoiled states, where your right-wing security rhetoric and pandering to the religious right, shooting-things enthusiasts, and business owners could conceivably steal some votes from Bush. The swing states are a different matter entirely. According to your own website, you have recently been campaigning heavily in Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. By stumping so consistently in these swing-states, you risk taking votes away from Ralph Nader, the only progressive candidate in this election who can possibly beat Bush.

John, we do not begrudge you your right to run a reckless, ego-driven vanity campaign for President. In fact, we at ReverseVoteSwap.org find it quite inspiring; it is much like watching a droopy-faced pug puppy chase his tail endlessly. We must take issue, though, with your campaign's overwhelming lack of honesty. As it stands now, you are not helping progressives beat Bush; you are helping Bush by attacking Nader. Bush depends upon a lack of progressive alternatives to his right-wing schemes, and your campaign insures that progressive voices are silenced.

Therefore, if you are serious about beating Bush, prove it. Alter your campaign schedule, and make your way to some delightful little safe-state hamlets, where your campaign can do no harm. We suggest you take a look at San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, and New York City to start. Thanks to the electoral college, your campaign can do no damage in these cities. Although these townships lack the political influence of powerhouse cities like Sandusky, OH and Boone, IA, we believe you may find they still have a lot to offer. Their quaint charm may well just grow on you!

Thank you for your understanding and compliance in this matter,

Posted by convener at October 19, 2004 08:06 PM