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In Distraction 2004

October 02, 2004

The Kerry Factor

With the death of the thousandth US soldier in Iraq, the decay of workers' living standards, and the attack on civil liberties, the electoral conditions for defeating Bush are clearly emerging. However, the overall strength of the anti-Bush united front is weakened by one factor: John Kerry.

With his "me too" politics, contempt for his base, and boring-ass self, Kerry threatens to derail Ralph Nader's campaign to oust Bush and dismantle the Bush agenda. With Republican money (nine of Kerry's top twenty contributors gave more to Bush), frightening connections to right-wing extremists (like Ariel Sharon's shadowy "Likud Party"), and an extensive campaign of legal harrassment, Kerry is trying to disrupt the campaign of the only serious anti-Bush candidate out there.

Progressives need to become aware of the dangers of this "Kerry Factor" in order to combat it. As a public service, ReverseVoteSwap.org presents the following objective electoral analysis.

Based solely on empirical data that no reasonable person could deny, we make the following obvious assumptions:
  1. Without Kerry, the legal harrassment against Nader would end, and he would appear on every state's ballot;
  2. Without Kerry, 95% of his supporters would vote for Nader, who they really agree with anyway;
  3. Without Kerry, Nader would get into the debates and flay Bush, winning 60% of his votes;
  4. Nader's strong, unobstructed campaign would inspire the 50% of eligible voters who don't vote, and 97% of those would vote Nader;
  5. David Cobb and Pat LaMarche would switch their votes to Bush because Congressional Democrats would feel more comfortable working with him.
Here is the electoral map as it stands today, WITH the Kerry Factor:

Electoral College Projection with the Kerry Factor

And WITHOUT the Kerry Factor:

Electoral College Projection without the Kerry Factor

We appeal to all people of good conscience--tell Kerry, "DON'T RUN!"

Posted by convener at October 2, 2004 12:41 AM