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In Which Way Backward for the Democratic Party?

May 26, 2005

Dems Snatch Humiliating Defeat from Jaws of Defeat

By now attentive Reverse Vote Swappers will have heard about how the Democrats averted the "nuclear" crisis by promising not to use the very thing the Republicans were trying to ban. This is truly ingenious; or at least, we certainly wouldn't have thought of it.

Some liberals are depressed while others are just pleased as punch. Thus continues the ongoing crisis of liberalism, which we here at ReverseVoteSwap.org have characterized as the great choice between two historic paths: Navel-Gaze or Thumb-Suck? Stay tuned!

And what of the Party itself? By transforming what would have been a minor defeat that no one would have known about into a major humiliation that became impossible to ignore, Reid 'n' the Gang have performed the political equivalent of turning gold into lead. We hardly know what to expect next--with leadership like this, the grave's the limit!

Posted by convener at May 26, 2005 09:14 PM