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In Navel-Gaze or Thumb-Suck?

April 25, 2005

ABB Abroad: Only Voting Blair Can Stop Blair!

As the scope and influence of ReverseVoteSwap.org increases, it is only natural that we would begin to gain more of a presence amongst progressives internationally. Therefore, it behooves us take on more international reporting, particularly when the issues facing progressives in different countries are so similar. Anybody But Bush-ism has a peculiar British variant: New Labour. This is a phenomenon similar to the rise of triangulating Democrats in the US, but with a strange twist. This lot have actually won some elections, and thus are all the more dangerous!

Thanks to the global ABB pandemic, Labour is borrowing several numbers from the John Kerry textbook. In order to foster greater relations between serious progressives on both sides of the Atlantic, we publish this cryptic bit of electioneering, forwarded to us by a member of our British section.

Stopping Blair's Illegal War: Why Progressives Must Vote Labour

In March, 2003, Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair followed US president George W. Bush into Iraq, endangering British lives and killing scores of innocent Iraqis in an unjust, illegal war. We must send the people of Iraq a message of peace. We must vote Labour.

Tony Blair has waged war against our system of public education. He has attacked the independence of the BBC. He has pushed a nation into war using false intelligence while still maintaining that the brutal war against Iraq is justified. Labour's Tony Blair has tainted Downing Street and tarnished the whole of British government.

There is only one man who can stop Tony Blair's reckless planning at home and abroad. That man is Tony Blair. We must show our support for a true, progressive agenda by awarding Blair his third Premiership on May 5. The differences have never been so clear, the stakes never so high, the pragmatic choice for progressives never so obvious. The only means at our disposal for sending a message of peace and hope is to vote for Blair's New Labour, no questions asked. Otherwise, we risk the continuation of Blair's disatrous policy in Iraq.

The world community is counting on us. Send Tony Blair a message for change on May 5: vote for him.

Posted by convener at April 25, 2005 03:43 PM