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In RVS 2005

May 30, 2005

RVS.org: Too Colored for 2005!

Loyal readers, we at ReverseVoteSwap.org always strive to make this website the most faddish and relevant to today's changing world. However, something has recently come to our attention which reflects some anachronistic views and habits on our part--and may even come off as culturally insensitive. To put it bluntly, RVS.org is simply too colored for 2005!

If any term describes the course of racial politics over the last 25 years, it is: Revenge of the Cracker-Ass Crackers. Although most non-whites--nor, in fact, most whites--had anything much to say about this, it is, apparently, a political fact which must be slavishly adhered to. With deep embarrassment we must admit that we have not kept up with the times.

A survey of other leading leftish media outlets exposes how grossly isolated we have become.

  • New York Times. Of eight regular columnists, only one is not white, a ratio of 12.5%. New York City as a whole is 55% non-white.
  • Air America. Of 14 on-air personalities, two are non-white, for a 14% ratio. The station's major markets are all minority-majority cities.
  • The Nation. None of six featured bloggers are of the lesser races, whereas 36% of Kerry voters were.
In stunning contrast, a shameful 50% of the RVS.org staff is comprised of racial minorities.

We are committed to bringing ourselves down to modern practices. We pledge:

  • To institute a program of deformative action to ensure that already-dominant voices receive overwhelming representation;
  • To draft Standards and Practices that ban the use of offensive, anti-white language like cracker-ass cracker;
  • To stock the staff canteen with foods friendly to white taste and culture such as fluffernutters, extra fancy ketchup, totally lumpless gravy, and chicken with like NO flavor;
  • To play more uniquely white music over the office PA system, such as STOMP, Blue Man Group, and Riverdance; and
  • To reduce minority staff pay to 78 cents per white staffer's dollar, in conformance with national standards.
Loyal readers, we ask for your help and patience in this difficult struggle.

Posted by convener at May 30, 2005 05:54 PM