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June 17, 2005

B├╝rokratzeitung II

We here at ReverseVoteSwap.org were stunned to learn that the first issue of One Day Longer was successful enough to justify a second issue! Looks like we owe an apology to Messrs. the Bureaucrats for our initial skepticism, although the staff pool still has it that we'll find most of the inaugural press run buried with Jimmy Hoffa. But until then, let's give ODL the benefit of the doubt and crack open the exciting new issue!

Big Labor is in the midst of some dramatic changes. Or at least, it is in the midst of some dramatic speeches about changes. Or at least, it is in the midst of speeches by some labor poobahs which are dramatic given their typical level of emotion. Cutting through the sound and fury, the fundamental issue at stake is: which set of buzzwords can lead the way forward? ODL gets to the heart of the matter!


We also excerpt the helpful quick reference cheat sheet:

New Unity
New Voices
PURPOSE:Calls for new voices (sic)Calls for new unity (sic)
MODEL:MegachurchCatholic Church
LATIN TAG:Deus ex machina Beati possidentes

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