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July 29, 2005

Pelosi: "GOP Competence Disgraces America"

The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) will now become law, having just passed the House 217-215. It squeaked through on the good graces of the "CAFTA 15" of House Democrats who voted for it. This will, of course, come as no surprise to readers of ReverseVoteSwap.org, who generally Know What Time It Is, but it is causing a lot of shock among people who Don't. This has apparently spurred House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to issue a strong statement condemning...the Republicans! In politics this is known as the Springer Strategem, named after the phenomenon wherein a woman throws a chair at a third party with whom her husband has been sleeping while leaving the gentleman untouched. We reprint Rep. Pelosi's fascinating letter below.

Open Letter to House Republican Leadership:
"Once Again, Your Competence and Discipline Have Disgraced America"

Dear Colleagues:

As House Democratic Leader, I must convey to you my outrage at your Party's actions with respect to yesterday's vote on CAFTA. With great force and skill you have manipulated the interests of your members, applied sharp political pressure to the key points, and played on their individual contradictions of their positions to your Party's general advantage. By acting as a competent, well-managed parliamentary fraction, you have disgaced America and trampled on our democratic traditions.

Yesterday I told the New York Times that "the floor of the House of Representatives resembled the set of 'Let's Make a Deal.'" Ordinary Americans are beginning, for the first time in history, to see the Congress as a place where people make deals. Will you allow yourselves to be responsible for undermining the high confidence with which the average citizen currently regards his elected officials?

Here on the Democratic side of the aisle, I, as Leader, would never allow the higher interests of Party and Country to interfere with the absolute right of a elected official to cast his vote based on whatever narrow, cretinistic concern seems to him to be most important at the time. Only by letting in every snout can we ensure the rich diversity of the trough. I would never countenance applying political pressure to our members just to win elections, secure our funding, satisfy our constituents, uphold the basic planks of our political platform, or prevent myself from looking weak and stupid. That may be how things are done in France or Europe--but not here.

As a troop-supporting American freedom-loving patriot, I call on you guys to seriously quit it.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Leader

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July 23, 2005

Bürokratzeitung III

Loyal readers, ReverseVoteSwap.org's favorite magazine for labor tops gossip, One Day Longer, has made it to an astonishing third issue! Truly, these are the days of miracle and wonder!

In the last issue we saw ODL take on the big debate in the AFL-CIO. Now, only days before the AFL-CIO's National Convention, the crisis has become both more dire and less principled--a combination of traits that is, perhaps, only attainable by the unique genius of American labor bureaucrats. Yesterday's New Unity Partnership is today's Change to Win Coalition, which blends some of the more progressive-minded unions with others that are more oriented to, ah, Family values. The newest ODL profiles the CtWC, and we have special sneak peek below!


We have to confess to being pretty confused when we saw the cover; to our knowledge, no actual grassroots worker has anything to do with the CtWC or this whole kerfuffle generally. Then we realized, of course, that ODL wasn't speaking about grassroots workers, but grassroots bureaucrats. ODL sat down with a few small-fry labor fakers-and-shakers: Thurston St. Windsor III, Assistant Deputy Political Director of the SEIU; Anthony "Tony da Wop" Giopazlianocomo, Business Agent for Teamsters Local 777 in New Jersey; and Robert Robert Roberts, President of United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local W in Idaho. We excerpt from the interview.

Could each of you describe, in your own words, what the Change to Win Coalition is all about?

Thurston St. Windsor III: That's an excellent question; this is a critical discourse to problematize. We have to ask: what is the project of the labor movement--I prefer the term "subaltern conjectural multitude"--in the post-industrial society? Can this multitude deconstruct, or, better yet, subvert, the hegemonic power relations? If we lack the proper orientation, we'll simply wind up regressing through an infinite series of demoralized Weltanschauung. I frankly don't think John Sweeny has any answer for this.

Robert Robert Roberts: I could put it in three words: jobs, jobs, jobs, stupid! Workers need jobs, and my union is for anyone who makes jobs. Why is the AFL spending money on Democrats when Bush is creating jobs? Drilling things, shooting things, these are things that create jobs.

"Tony da Wop": Hey, when you get the muscle, you start your own family. That's how it's done.

One of the original New Unity Partnership demands was to reorganize unions along core industry lines. Doesn't the Teamsters model violate this?

TdW: We're proud of our union, which spans all sectors of the legitimate business world. Do YOU have a problem with that?

Well, um...

TSW III: Could I intervene? I really think this disjunction resolves itself, inasmuch as what the Teamsters have realized is that the modes of industrial technê are not quite so monadic as originally conceived by the pre-post-structuralists.

TdW: Yeah, good one, Poindexter. I like this fuckin' kid.

RRR: Look, I think there's one industry everyone in labor should be in, and that's the supporting people who create jobs industry. Why isn't the AFL giving massive support to Bush's proposals for Mars exploration? You'd need a lot of carpenters to send a man to Mars, probably. Labor really lacks vision.

SEIU gave tens of million to the Democrats in 2004, while the Carpenters had Bush speak at their convention. How can the CtWC remain politically coherent with these kinds of divisions?

RRR: Two words: pro-jobs. I think that says it all. The Carpenters will support anyone who's giving us jobs!

Isn't that kind of like saying Jesus should have backed the Romans because they ran the crucifix trade?

RRR: Look, Jesus was a fine carpenter and an interesting guy, but I don't think there's any evidence he would have made a very effective trade union leader.

...OK, final question: how do you respond to those who accuse you of needlessly dividing the labor movement?

TSW III: You know, when I was a member of the Wand & Cumberbun Society at Harvard, we used to start each meeting by declaring, "Poiêsis Über Praxis!" I think that's something today's labor movement should really take to heart.

TdW: Sweeny's been the don for a long time. I give him respect. But when your guy can't get business done anymore, well, sometimes you've got to push a button on a guy. People take it personal, of course. But it's not personal; it's strictly business.

RRR: It's business unionism.

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July 22, 2005

HRC: Sex Harmful for Children, Other Living Things

Loyal ReverseVoteSwap.org readers have doubtless already seen our detailed analysis of the junior Senator from New York's ongoing campaign for the 2008 presidential election, which apparently began circa 1999. HRC, proving that she can triangulate with the best of them, has picked a political strategy that is particularly nuanced. Rather than attacking the GOP on the war, the PATRIOT Act, or draconian budget cuts, Clinton has decided to go after the real bread-and-butter issues, such as flag burning and sex in video games. This sort of moral crusade has a proven track record, as we can all recall how it rocketed Tipper Gore from useless nobody to universally hated somebody.

But just how will this strategy fare for Clinton? The issues for parents are clear-cut: the PC version of the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" carries the rating "M" and therefore cannot be sold to persons under the age of 17. However, a complicated process involving the modification of computer code can reveal a hidden scene within the game featuring sexual content that would normally be restricted to adults age 18 and over.

Clinton is doing her best to make a political mountain out of this molehill, so that she might better stand on the top of it. But how will this strategy fare? Our guess is that it will resonate with exactly nobody, with a one percent margin of error either way. This waste of time should at least provide some entertainment for loyal ReverseVoteSwappers. We present to you HRC's recent press conference remarks, in which she discussed this key issue.


As a parent, I can understand the horror that parents across this, most glorious of all nations, must be going through. We parents struggle each and every day to keep our precious children sheltered from damaging knowledge about basic biology. We expect to have to do battle against Hollywood, public schools, and our spouses, but video games? Truly, this is a dangerous time, when digital terrorists would threaten, for the first time ever, to pipe inappropriate images into our homes.

Whatever happened to the video games of yore? Video games are supposed to be about crushing turtles underfoot and gaining power by injesting mushrooms. Something must be done. Someone must think of the children.

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is the most egregious example of the current crop of predatory video games, eating away at the family and posing a threat to our children equal to the specter of gay marriage. Suddenly, that miniscule number of "GTA: San Andreas" players just shy of their 18th birthday who did not purchase the game for their Playstation or Xbox and who are savvy enough to unlock the hidden content will be exposed to low-quality digital representations of things they've probably already done, or if not, have known about since they were 11. Something must be done!

These children between the ages of 17 and 18 must be given more productive opportunities. For instance, serving their nation overseas could protect them from sex and violence. Or, they could "just say no" to these dangerous smut purveyors who would steal their innocence.

That is why I am demanding that the Senate drop all of its other business and initiate an investigation into this dangerous trend. I will not back down, even if I am the only one taking on the Palo Alto cronies. The good citizens of this great nation will remember in a future November. I will not be taking questions today, as there can be no rest in the war against the terror of dangerous, highly pixellated, marginally interesting, difficult to obtain imagery of a sexual nature.

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July 18, 2005

A Sneak Peek at the 2008 Democratic Party Platform!

ReverseVoteSwap.org's legendary pragmatism and deep connection with the American proletarian masses has won it many friends in the world of political consulting. We have learned much by way of these shady, anonymous sources--but our recent acquisition of the 2008 Democratic Party Draft Platform is surely the pièce de résistance!

Many people feel that the platforms of the mainstream parties are meaningless documents; President Bush once bragged that he hadn't even read the Republican platform (although, surely, he could have said that about anything). Nonetheless, we at ReverseVoteSwap.org believe that a party's platform plays an important role, signifying the essential modalities of the party's unique approach to mushifying the issues. Thus we are both proud and duty-bound to present to you this important document.

2008 Draft Platform of the Democratic Party

MOTTO: "Take that, Osama!"

The future
An important natural resource
Our mothers & wives
Must be kept secure
Also an important natural resource
Corporations must pledge to work IN the environment!
No Osamas!
America's gift to the world
Better to fight Islamic rule in Baghdad than Boston!
Help women choose not to have abortions through laws and commands
Faith-based programs
Safe, legal, and unheard-of
(God Bless Our) TROOPS
Universal flag pins, ribbon magnets on the homefront!
Mend them, don't end them!
Some of our greatest athletes, singers, minstrels
Counted among our best friends

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July 15, 2005

SUV Crackers for Peace!

Even with majorities within the US opposing the occupation of Iraq, the "common sense pragmatists" within sections of the antiwar movement continue to insist that the way to build opposition is to aim our message at the most right-wing, backwards, apolitical, and chauvinist sections of society.

This train of thought has perhaps reached its truest expression with the creation of the new organization, SUV Crackers for Peace. Although loyal ReverseVoteSwappers will doubtless be outraged by such a ridiculous formation, we consider it important to avail our legions of activists of even the most backwards developments within the movement. SUV-CP will doubtless soon take on the full trappings of faxtivism and develop some nice letterhead and a blog, but thus far they have managed only a short press conference, which we reproduce below.

Transcript: SUV Crackers for Peace Kick-Off Funstravaganza and Box Social

SUV-CP: SUV crackers, the most importance force within society due to the power of disproportionately large vehicles, have long been silent on the peace question. No longer. Previously, SUV crackers felt alienated from the antiwar movement. "I would think about going to peace rallies sometimes," says one of our founding crackers, "but sometimes they would be at the same time as important sporting events. Also, I would see lots of signs and banners, but none that were about my unique needs as an SUV driver and cracker."

Today, the literally dozens of SUV crackers from across the country who once felt shut out from the peace movement can participate proudly by becoming members of SUV Crackers for Peace and spreading the peace cracker message. To join, SUV crackers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must own an SUV. (Acceptable exception: "The family has it. I don't have it.")
  2. Must agree that a thing needed in the world today is peace.
  3. Must get extremely uptight about the presence of actual antiwar content within the antiwar movement.
Bush administration, be forewarned! Now that the SUV crackers are getting organized, peace shall prevail!

What is the political ideology of SUV-CP?

Let me clarify. SUV-CP is a lot of things, but it is not political. To us, peace is not a political question. It's just a thing that people want, like better tasting low-carb cookies or a new Colin Farrell epic. So no. We do not have any politcal ideas, or in fact any ideas at all.

Why do you peace crackers want to end the war?

Let me make things more clear. We're not saying, "end the war." We're saying that peace is a thing that we would like to have. That's all.

What will SUV-CP do to move the US toward peace?

We're going to be spreading the peace message. So for instance, many of our members have already put peace sign themed spinners on their SUVs. So next time you find yourself next to an Expedition or Aviator, take a look at the hubcaps. What you see might surprise you.

Will SUV-CP be involved in the growing trend toward counter recruitment?

Yes and no. We're not going to tell America's youth that they shouldn't join America's army. We do think that some of the recruiters give enlistees some faulty information, though. For instance, did you know that only a relatively small portion of our people serving in the armed forces get to drive Hummers? That's the kind of thing they don't tell kids in recruitment sessions. We want to tell the young crackers, who are really the crackers of the future, that they might find better opportunities for driving oversized vehicles in civilian life.

What would you say to those who would call you unpatriotic for opposing your nation's policy abroad?

Let me clarify. We never said that we wanted to criticize our Commander-in-Chief's policies. We're just saying, as Americans, as SUV drivers, and as crackers, that a thing that we would not at all be against, would be peace. Furthermore, I believe that the highest calling for an American patriot is to invest the time and money needed to become a full-fledged SUV cracker. So we've proved our patriotism. Now, we're just saying that peace is not, by definition, unpatriotic, in all circumstances.

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We Demand Temporary Cosmetic Solutions!

[Sorry, folks! Here's another one, courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security! We'll have to keep taking their grants until somebody else steps up to help us pay the telephone bills and the automo-bills. Until then, here's a message from some regular, upstanding Americans.]

As regular, upstanding Americans, when we learned of the bombings in London, we immediately assumed that terrorists would try to do the exact same thing in an important American city such as Omaha or Billings. (This is how the terrorist mind operates; the most dangerous moment is that brief window in the immediate aftermath of some attack that already happened.)

Therefore, we must demand security in the form of temporary, cosmetic solutions and unrelated attacks on civil liberties and Muslims. Anything short of temporary, cosmetic solutions and unrelated attacks on civil liberties and Muslims would be an affront to the American people and disrespectful to the many millions of Americans who have fallen victim to terrorism. A failure to provide useless and damaging quick-fixes is unacceptable.

We insist on the following:

  1. A period of about two weeks in which our backwards, useless American public transportation infrastructure, the envy of the 17th century world, is kept under the vigilant eyes of an increased number of racist, crooked, donut-fattened cops.
  2. A stern reprimand from our Commander-In-Chief, alerting terrorists to the fact that this nation frowns upon terrorism, as it runs counter to founding American ideals like single-sex suffrage and slavery.
  3. Blanket support for whatever Tony Blair wants to do from the entire US political establishment, unless it is insufficiently crazy.
  4. Roving wiretaps, so that our wires are tapped in a manner that is sufficiently roving.
  5. Careful scrutiny of library records to make sure that we know who dog-eared our copy of The DaVinci Code.
  6. A new, even more patriotic anthem performed by red-state darling Toby Keith.
  7. Some kind of big statue type thing.
  8. A war against Syria, a nation which we understand officials allege was rumored to be involved in some manner.
  9. Further privatization of public schools, just in case teachers' unions were somehow involved, which we do indeed assume.
  10. A friendly reminder that Muslims are not the enemy--just Islamo-fascists (who are generally indistinguishable from regular Muslims).

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July 09, 2005

C&RC: "Doin' Shit Is The Root of Terrorism"

The Cut & Run Caucus has issued a statement on the July 7 terrorist attack in London. We reproduce it below.

Cut & Run Caucus Statement on July 7 Bombings:
"Doin' Shit Is The Root of Terrorism"

The Cut & Run Caucus was horrified to learn of the bombings in London. We extend our deepest sympathies to the British people and sincerely hope that this tragedy will not shake their determination to search out and destroy the freedom-hating evildoers who govern the United Kingdom.

Misleaders like British Prime Minister Tony Blair claim that al-Qaeda and similar groups despise Western civilization. That is a lie--at most they find it irritating, and certainly less so than most Westerners. What they really hate is the shit we do; doin' shit is the root of terrorism.

We in the C&RC have always maintained that all this shit we were doing was going to make shit crazy, and then we'd really see some shit. These prophetic warnings have now been realized with stunning precision. Only the most rapid, calamitous, and unstrategic cutting and running from all our imperial projects and ambitions can save us from the scourge of terrorism.

Cut and run, y'all--before it's too late!

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HRC: How To Protect Our Precious, Precious Flags?

Astute ReverseVoteSwappers will already have seen the first "Hillary 2008" bumper-stickers, available for purchase even before Kerrycrats have finished whining about 2004. Since Senator Clinton is clearly setting herself up for a presidential bid, she must act with a great deal of nuance, lack of principle, and nonsensical doublespeak, as befitting a liberal political candidate.

Currently, as the Bush administration finds itself mired in political crisis as the US edges closer to defeat in Iraq with remarkable 60% opposition at home, the major parties have seized on the decisive political question: flag burning.

Having certainly lit up a few Old Glories in their day, our loyal readers will of course recall that burning the flag is considered a form of speech protected by the First Amendment. It is therefore necessary not just to ban such merry-making by means of legislation, but to actually amend the Constitution to give Congress the power to do so. Many feel this begins to rise from the level of the merely reactionary to the openly dystopian.

This is not, of course, to suggest that Democrats don't support the flag-burning amendment. A basic tenet of liberal politics is: one must not refuse to support any act of empty jingoism, no matter how idiotic, because then the Right will accuse you of being unpatriotic. Being accused of unpatriotism by the lie-making, bribe-raking, Oxycontin-taking Right is an unstoppable attack in politics. Apparently.

In this situation, a skillful liberal like HRC will employ nuance to craftily land herself on both sides of the question simultaneously. Thus she has stated that while she supports federal legislation to ban flag-burning (which cannot be passed without an amendment), she does not support an amendment (which is required for the legislation). Hmm. While that hash of mutual contradiction will surely win over the chauvinist wingnuts who have hated Hillary Clinton for 13 years, we here at ReverseVoteSwap.org are concerned it won't quite pass with the more sophisticated conservatives; ie, those brilliant bulbs who exposed Bill Clinton as a sex fiend with only decades of evidence, or who managed to portray John Kerry as a flip-flopper armed solely with his mountains of flip-flops. Those guys have their eyes open!

Inasmuch as winning even a few right-wing votes causes Democrats to rush madly to the Right--thereby leaving the progressive field open to the authentic Left--RVS.org is committed to helping HRC develop the most nuanced way to save the endangered flag. We offer our suggestions below.

Extraordinary Flag Rendition: America could get a out-of-the-way client dictatorship to declare burning the US flag a crime punishible by exquisite tortures. Anyone seen burning the flag would then be shipped off to said country. That protects the flag and our Constitional rights!

Bioterrorist Flags: Congress could require all flags to contain heat-activated anthrax spores; this would make your ordinary flag-burner into a dangerous bioterrorist--and who could defend terrorism???

Pledges for Kids: Given the effectiveness of anti-drug and anti-sex oaths made by young kids who have no idea what they're agreeing to, schoolchildren could be encouraged to make some sort of "pledge" of "allegiance" to the flag on at least a weekly basis. Children are our future.

Multiflags: The American flag could be altered to incorporate images of Che and Osama; Koranic and Satanic verses; rainbows and pink triangles; etc. Thus anyone who burns a flag will also have to burn something they like! Nuanced!

Flag Personhood: Like corporations, flags could be senselessly declared a form of human for legal purposes. It would then be considered beyond the pale to burn flags, provided they didn't become Black nationalists, or suchlike.

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July 08, 2005

RVS.org sez: "Cut & Run!"

ReverseVoteSwappers are doubtless sick of hearing liberal hawks fall on top of each other, racing to prove that they aren't calling for an end to the devastation in Iraq. Pro-war candidate John Kerry, heavily supported by the anti-war movement, elevated "I'm not saying cut and run" to the status of "pragmatic" mantra for pro-war Democrats. Now, nearly every time Democrats make a statement about the war on Iraq, they preface it with a solemn vow that "cut and run" is most certainly not the strategy that they are advocating. Most take it a step further and claim that "Nobody's saying cut and run," when in fact that is precisely what most people are saying; of course, we usually use far less obtuse phrases like Bring the troops home now! or US out of Iraq!

But since "Cut and Run" is apparently the only terminology hawks like Kerry, Clinton, Biden, et al. can understand, ReverseVoteSwap.org is proud to launch the Cut & Run Caucus! Now that US troops are in Iraq are bogged down fighting an indigenous resistance movement in an increasingly turbulent environment, the only practical solution is to get the hell out of there. Anything else is an affront to basic common sense. So cut and run, y'all!

Transcript: "Cut & Run Causus" Announcement Press Conference

RVS.ORG: 'Sup fools. We at ReverseVoteSwap.org are proud to announce our first foray out of the world of organizing and into the distinct, non-overlapping world of politics: the Cut & Run Caucus! This Caucus is a savvy, pragmatic coalition of elected officials who have united under our leadership to demand an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq, without meeting a single one of America's strategic goals.

The Cut & Run Caucus adheres to the following points of unity:

  1. Iraq is better than America and will kick our ass at war.
  2. No draft, no military, no doing anything for this shitty country generally.
  3. Support our sorry, outclassed troops by bringing them home.
  4. Learn Chinese to better serve our future masters.

We'd be happy to take any questions at this point.

How many members does the Caucus have now?

The Cut & Run Caucus is, as they say, "Green and Growing!" Which is to say, we have no members. Unfortunately, given the unpragmatic nature of the major parties, we don't expect many of them to embrace the "cut and run" message until it becomes really, really obvious that that's exactly what we're going to do. However, we are examining the possibility of running our own homegrown candidates. Stay tuned!

Isn't this appeasement? Isn't this telling the terrorists they've won?

Two responses. First: what a fucking stupid question. Second: yes. The way we see it, if the terrorists sought to disfigure our society with irrational fear, they've obviously won. If they wanted to draw us into crazy Mideast wars that we'd be too stupid and weak to win, they got us there too. If they wanted to screw up our economy, well, we probably didn't need their help. Maybe if we admit to being crushed like insects, they'll feel sorry for us.

Shouldn't we stay to help the Iraqi people with reconstruction?

Come on man, everyone knows Americans can't build things or do any practical work. All our best people are H1-B, foreign students, or undocumenteds. Even if there are some Americans who know shit, we can't send them to Iraq without having the whole country fall apart in their absence. So who's left? A bunch of lawyers, MBAs, cops, and prison guards. Well, we think the Iraqis can shyster, thieve, beat, and torture themselves if they want to.

If US troops leave, won't Iraq descend into civil war?

In a little over 200 years, the US has had an independence war, a civil war, dozens of labor uprisings, and almost continual race riots. This is addition to basically wiping out the people who really lived here. Americans are serious trouble-makers, it's surprising other countries issue us visas.

One more question.

If you could deliver one snappy, catchphrase-like message to the American people, what would it be?

Cut and run, y'all!

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"Pragmatic" Non-Protest Chants

The Downing Street Memo "proved" that Bush and Blair gamed pre-war intelligence to fit their war plans much in the manner that Christopher Columbus "proved" that the Earth is round. In both cases, reasonable people were already convinced well before the proof came along. No serious progressive could have witnessed, for instance, Colin Powell's theater of the absurd in front of the UN and believed that the Bush administration was actually going to invade Iraq due to the presence of refrigerator magnets and aluminum tubes.

The real proof of the pudding is in the eating, and poll data consistently shows a remarkable 60% in favor of pulling troops out of Iraq. It is this type of revelation, rather than the Downing Street Memo, which has Congressional liberals running to play catch-up. As Green (read: Democrat) Medea Benjamin gushes, 41 members of Congress have joined an "Out of Iraq" caucus. Loyal ReverseVoteSwappers will realize immediately that this is simply posturing to distract liberals from the fact that the Democratic Party as a whole is steadily moving rightward, and pulling many liberals and progressives with it. This development does, however, still raise an important question: What sort of slogans would "nuanced" liberals want to raise at an anti-war demonstration?

ReverseVoteSwap.org has compiled a list of potential slogans and chants for liberals who are turning against the war, but are desperate to differentiate themselves from more militant (read: serious and pragmatic) forces.

Liberal Non-Protest Chants

Afghanistan was fine,
But now you've crossed the line!

Hey hey, ho ho,
Unpatriotic torture is a part of this war that's got to go!

Invading Iraq was an error--
Let's wage the real war on terror!

Between Iraq and Palestine,
Only one of these occupations is fine!

DC cronies fed us balonies!

Bring the troops to American shores!
We need them for some different wars!

Don't let Baghdad become Saigon!
Move the war to Iran!

Stop the war before it's too late--
By voting Hilary 2008!

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